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Pre-Conference Time

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Today’s the day I fly out to Northern California! After staying a night in the Bay Area, I’m hitching a ride to Monterey (ok, on a shuttle bus) and will be surrounded by foodies, nutritionists and many others at the Hazon Food Conference Thursday to Sunday, the 24th through the 27th.

Some exciting news: I was asked to guest post on The Jew and the Carrot, Hazon’s own blog! I’ll be cross-posting my conference experiences here too so all you Pretty Girls fans will be able to follow along. The amazing Joh showed me how to set up Twitter on my non-smartphone, so throughout my time there I’ll update with the workshops I’m checking out, and perhaps something along the lines of “OMG dinner is so yummy” but I’ll keep that to a minimum!

The Conference seems fascinating. Though there are several tracks ranging from DIY Food to Food Justice to Jewish Food Education, after perusing the schedule I’m having a difficult time picking just one I’d like to attend per period. Choices, choices. The schedule can be found here if you’re interested in seeing what the workshops and panels are all about. I find myself gravitating to the Food Justice and the Sustainability tracks, but learning how to make my own mozzarella sounds quite tempting as well. Any recipes I acquire will be reposted here and given due credit, of course!

Unfortunately, I will be missing the pre-conference chicken shechita (ritual slaughtering), which takes place as I’m travelling. Not that I’m into slaughtering animals myself but when else would I get to experience this? And these birds aren’t just for demonstration. We’re going to be eating them later on! I mean, whoa. Talk about locally sourced! I think it’s important to really see what it means to know where your food comes from, but I’m sure this topic will come up over the course of the weekend. It’s actually pretty controversial because even though at previous Food Conferences there were shechitas (one year was a goat!), some people believe that it’s a little hypocritical for an eco-friendly organization to promote eating meat since raising cattle causes a lot of environmental problems. But again, I say it’s all about knowing where your food comes from; I’m sure whoever was out there with the chickens will think twice about grabbing a wing come dinnertime!

This is so exciting. I’m not quite sure what’s going to happen, but I can guarantee that it’s going to be educational, fun and filling! Till then, happy holidays everyone!

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